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Hong Kong's First Ever Wine In A Can Shop

POLYWINER LIMITED, founded in 2020, is a pioneer company in Hong Kong to promote canned wine culture and is committed to creating and popularizing a wine culture suitable for the millennial generation. Every year, POLYWINER will introduce different kinds of canned wine, which is perfect for all kinds of outdoor events for young people (such as outdoor parties, concerts, activities, etc.), so that people can enjoy the fun of drinking on the go.

canned wine, wine in a can, hk


RONY (@says.rony) , a wine enthusiast, came across the concept of canned wine by chance when surfing the internet one day. After that, he went to the United States for an exchange program and noticed the trend in the canned wine industry.


With no grounded foundation but a very strong passion, Rony and two of his university classmates worked hand in hand and founded POLYWINER, the first ever Wine In A Can retailer in their Year 4. They aim to create a trendy drinking style that is more relaxed and casual and to bring up a cultural change that is different from traditional wine tasting to young wine lovers.

In the past year, we have successfully tested the market and received over 3,000 positive comments. We have also been invited to be the exhibitor by K11 Musea and Ocean Park which has become one of the popular cultures in Hong Kong.

Rony (@says.rony一直熱衷於葡萄酒行業,在一次網上查看資料時,無意中發現罐裝葡萄酒的存在。其後,他到美國大學當交換生時,看到罐裝葡萄酒的潮流。回港後,雖然還未知要在香港推廣罐裝葡萄酒的文化有多難,但仍帶著無限的熱誠與兩位朋友創辦了香港首間罐裝葡萄酒專門店 — POLYWINER LIMITED,主張一種輕鬆隨意飲葡萄酒的方式,令年輕的葡萄酒愛好者不用受傳統的品酒文化束縛。

過去一年,更有幸獲得多個活動舉辦商邀請,例如海洋公園、K11 Musea等,收獲超過3,000個正面評價,成為香港新文化之一。

canned wine, wine in a can, hk


❝ Wine In A Can is not just a wine, but a drinking style that is more relaxed and casual ❞

「 罐裝葡萄酒,不只是一種葡萄酒,更是一種輕鬆、隨性的感覺。」


Rony Chau

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Fabian Cho

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❝ “It's not just the product; it's the culture that carries canned wine through the streets of Hong Kong.” ❞


canned wine, wine in a can, hk, polywiner
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