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Party Canned Wine


Canned wine has only started hitting Hong Kong supermarket shelves in earnest this year, though America has been on this trend since 2016 (Trader Joe’s was even selling wine in cans back in 2009). South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand are also embracing the can, so the question is: Is canned wine any good, and should you be drinking it?



​1935丨First Experiment

​Experiments with canned wine paralleled the introduction of the first beer cans in 1935. Many of these wines were inherently unstable, but the cans were blamed for spoiling the wine, and few further attempts to can wine were made for almost twenty years.

​1935年第一批罐裝啤酒與罐裝葡萄酒實驗同時進行。這些葡萄酒本來就是不穩定的,但人們卻指責是罐頭使葡萄酒變質,所以 20 年來幾乎沒有人進一步嘗試罐裝葡萄酒。

​1982丨Redesigned Tall 250ml Can

​In 1982 French test-marketed a pair of 250ml aluminum cans in England.  It wasn’t long before every major supermarket chain in England had a complete line of imported wine in cans bearing their logo.


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​1998丨Shelf Life Extension

​Innovative Australian vintners focused on canned wines. In 1998, Greg Stokes spent nine years developing and patenting the Vinsafe canning technology, which assures the stability of premium varietal wines and a shelf life of at least five years.

​1998年Greg Stokes花了9年時間研發罐裝技術併申請了專利,該技術確保了優質葡萄酒品種的穩定性和至少5年的保質期。

2020丨Going Global

​Canned wine isn’t just found on grocery store shelves and at outdoor festivals these days. Fine wine producers are taking the category seriously today. Increased market value to the segment’s overall approximate 68% growth to about $200 million in 2020.

​現在罐裝葡萄酒不僅出現在貨架和戶外活動上,連優質葡萄酒生產商正在認真對待這一品類。 2020年,該細分市場的總市值增長約68%,達到約2億美元。

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