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Grape Variety: 100 % Sémillon
Sweet white wine
Type of Cellar: buried natural cellar
Appellation / Wine: Bordeaux

If Bordeaux is best known for its red wines and sweet wines, the region also produces tasty dry white wines which deserve your full attention. These are composed of grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc (majority), Sémillon and Muscadelle. Each property can choose to blend them or produce single varietals. In all cases, the first is sought after for the liveliness of its aromas of citrus and white flowers and its pronounced acidity. The second offers floral and exotic notes as well as a certain richness. Finally, the third, rarer, also seduces for its exotic appearance. Bordeaux white wines are sought after for their freshness, so much so that they are best enjoyed as an aperitif. At the table, fine dishes such as white meat, seafood or fish will suit him perfectly.

如果說波爾多以其紅酒和甜酒而聞名,那麼該地區也生產美味的乾白葡萄酒,值得您充分關注。 這些葡萄品種包括長相思(Sauvignon Blanc)(大部分)、賽美蓉(Sémillon)和密斯卡岱(Muscadelle)。 每個屬性都可以選擇混合它們或生產單一品種。 在所有情況下,第一種都因其柑橘和白花的活潑香氣以及明顯的酸度而受到追捧。 第二種提供花香和異國情調以及一定的豐富性。 最後,第三種較為罕見,也因其異國情調的外觀而引人入勝。

波爾多白葡萄酒因其新鮮度而受到追捧,因此最適合作為開胃酒享用。 餐桌上的白肉、海鮮或魚類等精美菜餚非常適合他。

Château de L'escaley 2012 Sainte Croix du Mont

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